Best Women's BJJ Gi

9 Best Women’s BJJ Gis Reviewed & Compared


Sanabul Essentials Women's Gi
Sanabul Essentials Women’s Gi


Gold Women's Aeroweave Gi
Gold BJJ Women’s Aeroweave Gi


Kingz The One Women's BJJ Gi
Kingz The One Women’s BJJ Gi

The ladies of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu deserve only the best, don’t they? 

We all know the answer to that question, so we decided to put together a comprehensive list of the best women’s BJJ Gi available online. 

We’ll take the guesswork out of the equation and let you make an informed decision on the best Jiu-Jitsu Gi to gift to yourself or a friend/significant other who trains.  

Following 9 of our top Gi picks for the finer half of The Gentle Art: 

Our Top Picks At a Glance

Best Women’s BJJ Gis

Some ten years ago, there were only a handful of BJJ GI brands available in the world. People were figuring things out in terms of size, and there was not too much variety when it came to color or design either. 

Those times made it common to see girls training in men’s Gi, simply because there were no specific Gi designs for the ladies. 

A few years ago, a girl training in my gym donned a brand new Gi for class, which seemed somehow different. It was. It was a female cut gi, designed specifically for the needs and requirements of the finer half of BJJ. 

Since then, I’ve been encouraging ladies to opt for female-specific Gi models (or brands) in order to get the most out of their “grappling armor” and keep looking great in the process. 

Given that taste differs, and yet some requirements (competition, cut, performance, weight) are the same for everyone, we tried to put together the most inclusive, data-backed list of the best BJJ Gi for women. 

Kingz Women’s Lightweight BJJ Gi

A BJJ brand that is behind some of the very best lightweight BJJ Gis for women, as proven by their endorsement of some of the most proficient female athletes in the sport, such as the likes of Ffion Davies and Mackenzie Dern. 

The One Kingz Women’s Lightweight Gi is the exact Gi that my friend and student came to class with, opening my eyes to female-specific Gis. It is constructed from a single piece of fabric thus ensuring incredible maneuverability and flexibility during movement.  

Made with extreme endurance in mind, there is triple-reinforced stitching on key stress areas. A rubber lapel insert and ripstop pants with double reinforced knee padding mean that this is a Gi that will last for years. Despite all this, the pearl weave makes it a lightweight option.

Kingz also provides a free white belt, with this Gi, making it the perfect choice for your first-ever BJJ kimono. `

The Gi comes in 7 different female-specific sizes and 3 colors. It is also IBJJF-approved, and machine washable. 

An original feature is the fast drying properties of this Kingz gi, making it particularly resistant to the build-up of germs.


  • Perfect for both training and competition
  • Free white belt
  • Extremely durable and resilient
  • Resistant to germs and odors
  • Designed for free-flowing movement


  • Only 3 colors are available
  • Shrinks somewhat

Gold BJJ Women’s Aeroweave

Best Women's BJJ Gi

Another representative of Gold’s women’s Gis is the Aeroweave, a kimono Gold believes is so good that they offer a full money-back guarantee for it if, for some reason, you do not feel it is up to your performance standards. 

One of the few iIs on the market featuring an Aeroweave, this Gi is one of the lightest in existence (the jacket is only 275 GSM). This makes it not just ultra-comfortable, but also allows it to wick moisture away and keep you cool while training.   

Usually, with lighter weaves the durability of the Gi is in question. Well, the Aeroweave does not sacrifice strength for comfort and their claim is that if you manage to tear their ripstop pants, and reinforced jacket, they’ll replace your Gi with a new one. 

Design-wise, the Gi only has small, circular brand patches on each shoulder and looks clean and minimalist. 

There are 6 sizes available and 3 colors – white, blue, and black, all with the IBJJF stamp of approval. 

Gold’s dedication to coming up with the perfect women Gi went so far that they’ve revised and updated their female-specific sizing based on customer feedback.


  • Perfect for both training and competition
  • One of the lightest Gis in Jiu-Jitsu
  • Keeps you dry and cool
  • Guaranteed replacement Gi if it tears
  • Female-specific sizing based on customer feedback.


  • Only 3 colors are available

Sanabul Essentials BJJ Gi for Women

Best women's BJJ Gi

Sanabul’s Gi collection might not be vast in terms of models, but it is versatile enough to include female cut Gis, while offering great value in quality for the price tag. 

Immediately catching the eye is the specific sizing Sanabul offers, with non-generic numerous options, all appropriate for different body types. The cut, is of course, female-specific, athletic, and tapered. Simply put, this Gi removes the business of male Gis which usually makes female grapplers look like backup dancers in a Snoop Dogg video.   

The Gi is focused on performance and made out of very lightweight, single-weave fabric which is 100% cotton. This provides agility, breathability, and optimal comfort even in scorching heat. 

Sanabul Essentials Womens BJJ Gi comes pre-shrunk and is very easy to care for: just chuck it in the washing machine after training. There are 3 colors available, and the Gi is approved for official competition by the IBJJF. 

On a final note, I really like the subtle design elements involving the patches and embroidery.


  • Perfect for both training and competition
  • Specifically tailored to fit female grapplers
  • Comfortable and light, allowing agility
  • Many non-generic sizes are available


  • The sizing chart can be confusing to read 
  • Single weave sometimes means a less resilient Gi
  • Only 3 colors are available

Fuji IBJJF Women’s Gi

Best women's BJJ Gi

A classic brand of grappling gear, built by grapplers, for grapplers. Fuji originally started with Judo Gis but quickly expanded into the BJJ market, now representing a staple in both. 

Fuji’s Gi comes in a specific female design, with shorter, tapered sleeves and pants and a smaller waistline. Since a woman is not just a small man, this design actually makes this Gi super comfortable for female athletes, as well as offering freedom of movement and maximal performance.  

The material used in this Gi is cotton, and a premium blend at that, weighing 550 GSM. This means the jacket and pants are heavy-duty and able to withstand all the pulling, pushing, and twisting that occurs during training. 

Something I personally admire about this Gi is the breast cancer ribbon embroidery which is not there just for looks. A portion of the profits from every sale goes towards breast cancer research. 

There are 11 sizes available for this medium-weight Gi which is legal for competition in all major organizations (IBJJF, NABJJF, and UAEJJF approved).

Like all other Fuji Gis, this one has been tested and given a stamp of approval by members of Team Renzo Gracie, sponsored by Fuji.


  • Perfect for both training and competition
  • Female cut allowing for maximal performance
  • Donations to breast cancer
  • Very durable


  • The weight of the Gi might be troublesome for competitors weighing in.

Gold BJJ Foundation Gi

Gold BJJ is a brand put together by Jiu-Jitsu athletes, who pride themselves on doing meticulous research before launching a product for the same community they belong to. The Foundation Gi is the perfect embodiment of their principles at work.    

My personal favorite is the fully sublimated rashguard neck liner. It provides moisture wicking and cooling in a crucial area, but the lining doesn’t extend all over the inside of the jacket. Full rashguard lining tends to tear and can’t be repaired, but the neck lining is a masterpiece. 

Gold’s Foundation Gi is a medium-weight pearl weave Gi, designed to last, with reinforced ripstop pants and inner cuffs. This makes it sturdy and robust, but the weight might not be suitable for competitors, especially those from lighter weight classes. 

A component contributing towards maximal comfort is the inclusion of an elastic drawstring on the pants, rather than the usual sturdy one. 

The Gi is preshrunk, machine washable, and available in 3 different colors and a dozen different sizes. It is legal for use in IBJJF tournaments.


  • Perfect for both training and competition
  • Long-lasting and sturdy
  • Extra comfort and breathability due to the rashguard neckline 
  • Preshrunk 


  • The weight of the Gi might be troublesome for competitors weighing in
  • Only 3 colors are available

Sanabul Easter Egg Women’s Gi

Best women's BJJ Gi

By far the most colorful and uniquely designed Gi on our exploration of the best womens BJJ Gi. Sanabul delivers yet another ultra-lightweight, female-cut Gi, available in their recognizable wide range of non-generic sizes.

This Gi, labeled as “serious fun” comes in a variety of pastel colors none of which is traditional (or IBJJF approved for competition). 

Coral, Ice blue, Lavender, and Mint Green are the base colors you can pick from. You could also go all out and opt for scrambled multi-color versions of this unique Gi.   

The cut, of course, is female-specific and tapered eliminating any excess material and baginess. The single-weave fabric makes this Gi extremely lightweight and just as breathable. 

6 different colors of this Gi are available, along with a multitude of female-specific sizes. In fact,  Sanabul’s size range offers specific options for lanky people, making this one of the best BJJ Gi for tall women. 

The Gi comes preshrunk, but recommendations are to avoid washing machines and only wash it in cold water by hand, most likely to prevent the colors from fading.


  • Unique colored designs 
  • Ultra comfortable and light 
  • Specific female cut
  • Widest range of sizes available


  • Hand wash only 
  • Not approved by the IBJJF because of the color(s)

Elite Sports Ultra Light BJJ Gi 

Best women's BJJ Gi

Elite Gis are good quality ones, with a minimalistic, but stylish design, and a very affordable price. A great option for a backup Gi, or even a main one. 

The fabric of this Gi has a special anti-odor treatment added helping it deflect the buildup and retention of bad smells.   

Otherwise, it is a light, pearl weave Gi, very breathable and comfortable. It has enhanced ergonomic functions, allowing for a seamless range of motion and added strength through extra stitching. 

Every Gi comes with a free white belt, which is a nice touch.  

There are 5 different colors of this Gi model available, and they come in 4 different female-cut sizes. The Gi is IBJJF legal and approved. 

Elite’s instructions state that only hand washing is going to keep this Gi from shirking, which is a nuisance.


  • Perfect for both training and competition
  • Does not retain odors at all 
  • Allows complete, uninterrupted range of motion
  • Free white belt
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Hand wash only

Tatami Fightwear Ladies Nova Gi

Best women's BJJ Gi

The tatami Nova is a Gi so versatile that most people involved in Brazilian Jiu-Jisu owned, or have at least tried one during their grappling journey. 

The Nova’s tapered pants and shorter jacket give it its recognizable primed athletic fit, resulting in a performance-orientated Gi suited to both training and competition.  

The fabric is pearl weave, making this another lightweight option. Tatami Gis are known for their endurance, though, and the Nova is the perfect example, remaining strong and durable while removing the rigidity we associate with heavier Gis. 

If you like to travel and train, the Nova is a solid travel Gi option as it doesn’t take up much space.

A free white belt is included, and there are 4 different colors and 4 female-specific sizes available. IBJJf approved. 

I’ve worn several versions of this model and find it comfortable and strong, but in each case, I had to account for significant shrinking when picking the size.


  • Perfect for both training and competition
  • Great for travel on account of the lightweight and high durability
  • Free white belt 
  • Designed for competitors


  • Hand wash only
  • Known to shrink

Tatami Fightwear Women’s Elements Gi

Concluding our best ladies BJJ Gi list is another Tatami Gi, this time with a focus on the design (which does not take away from its performance qualities). 

It is all about looks with this Gi. There is high-quality embroidery of the brans’ logos on several spots on the jacket and pants. Additionally, there are Tatami labels stitched to the collar and the back of the hem. Even the pants’ drawcord is branded.  

Performance-wise, this Gi is a solid pearl weave lightweight cotton Gi. it is comfortable, enhanced by side vents on the jacket for improved airflow and easily withstands the rigors of everyday training and/or BJJ competition.  

Tatami’s Elements Gi comes in 3 colors, a wide range including 7 different sizes, and is IBJJF legal.  

This Gi represents another reliable travel option.


  • Perfect for both training and competition
  • Breathable with side vents 
  • Subtle, yet sophisticated look
  • Lots of female-specific sizes are available


  • Only 3 colors are available
  • Known to shrink

Best women's BJJ gi

How to Choose a BJJ Gi

Choosing the best women’s BJJ Gi does not just rely on how a Gi looks and the available sizes. There are specific criteria in picking the very best, criteria which we included when compiling the list above so that you don’t have to. 

After a few years of training and a few different Gis you’ll find out exactly what you like from experience in terms of material, comfort, size, brand, cut, etc. 

I still think it is good to know what you’re looking for when choosing a BJJ Gi, so let’s discuss those criteria one by one. 


The weave refers to how the fabric of the Gi material is constructed. 

A single weave is a method of construction that results in a lighter weight Gi, on account of the tensile strength (durability). It will give way sooner than heavier Gis, but is more comfortable to wear. 

A double weave has double the strength of a single weave, but also doubles the weight of the Gi, which affects comfort. 

The single and double weave are the basics, with many variations like pearl weave, aero weave, diamond weave, honeycomb weave, etc. emerging as hybrids that offer both comfort through lighter weight, and durability through strong fabric configuration. 


Gi sizes vary a lot. There is no unified system as a result of the different weaves and fabrics that different manufacturers use. 

Finding out your size is not difficult, as all manufacturers provide detailed size charts that contain specific measurements to help you determine your exact size. 

Whenever possible, I recommend that you try out the same brand, and if possible, the model of gi you think of buying from someone who already trains at your gym. It will provide you with invaluable insight. 

The biggest concern about Gi sizes is the shrinkage of certain Gis. All cotton materials tend to shrink when washed at high temperatures. Some Gis come preshrunk and are safe to put in the washing machine, but you should still stick to older temperature settings. 

Certain Gi brands are aware of the shrinkage rates and even have charts to help you determine the exact size of the Gi that you’l get after it shrinks following the first few times you wash it. 


The design of BJJ Gis is fairly tight, compared to Judo or Aikido Gis which are significantly baggier. This has to do with competitions and the grip requirements and tactics. 

Most BJJ Gis feature some version of an athletic cut, with womens Gis also adding female-specific features, like the length of sleeves and the size of the waistline.   

Make sure to read the specific Gi guidelines issued by the tournament organizer in terms of sleeve and pants length and width. Check out the IBJJF guide as an example.  


Given the price of BJJ Gis, most people are looking to invest in one that is not going to fall apart in a few months. Durability is in direct correlation with the type of weave used. 

For those who prefer lighter Gis, I’d recommend the pearl weave, as it has been proven to be incredibly resilient while still offering a comfortable training condition experience. 

Heavier Gis will provide durability that lasts for years, if not decades, but it does come at the price of comfort, especially if you’re training in a warm-weather area. 


Another variable depends solely on the weave. There are different weaves out there, like the aero weave, which provides you with the utmost comfort during training as a result of an exceedingly lightweight Gi. 

The relation between comfort and durability is reversely proportional, meaning more of one means less of the other. Once again, the pearl weave provides the perfect balance and is my weave of choice when it comes to comfort. 


BJJ Gi brands are the same as any other product brand out there. There are a few huge, global ones, and plenty of smaller businesses, all trying to offer something different. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preferences, mostly in regard to design. 

Some brands, of course, have a better reputation than others in relation to specific Gi properties, but as a rule of thumb, make sure to stick to the ones people tend to go back to for buying Gis and you’ll hardly go wrong. 

Popular Brands for Women’s BJJ Gis

With all brands coming up with female-specific Gi designs, sizes, and cuts, the brands that stood out by offering such products do not tend to stick out as much, but it is still important to mention those that made the first strides: 

Kingz BJJ


Kingz is a brand established in 2011 with the goal of providing the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gis to female and male athletes. 

The people behind the brand have more than 30 years of experience in grappling, so they know exactly what the demands are. Kingz was one of the first brands to offer womens-specific Gis. They currently have 9 different female-specific models on offer.

They are also one of the first brands to offer sponsorships to established and emerging female BJJ athletes. 

Tatami Fightwear


Tatami is one of the pioneering brands of BJJ Gis, offering athletes high-quality training and competition wear since 2009. 

The UK-based manufacturer has 7differnet Gi models for the ladies of BJJ, supplemented by a huge offer of rashguards, backpacks, and all other kinds of BJJ gear.  

Tatami also has an athlete sponsorship program featuring prominent female grapplers. 

Fuji Fightwear


Fuji is a brand that originally produced Judo Gis, but has been offering female-specific Gi options since its inception in 1969.

American Judo Olympic and world champion Kayla Harrison is one of the brand’s most prominent ambassadors.  

Fuji’s offer includes 6 female-specific BJJ Gi models.  

Final Thoughts 

While it is not too difficult to pinpoint the best women’s BJJ Gi available online, it does require some research legwork, and some experience in the sport.

If you’re just starting out you might be understandably overwhelmed by all the information about weaves, weight, durability, sizes, colors, competition legality, and the like. 

Our goal with this guide was to take all the guesswork away and provide you with all the best female BJJ gis in one place, along with all relevant information to help you make a more-than-informed choice. 

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