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10 Best BJJ Belts Reviewed & Compared


Sanabul Essentials BJJ Belt
Sanabul Essentials


Kingz Premium BJJ Belt
Kingz Premium Belt


Gold BJJ Belt
Gold BJJ Belt

A BJJ belt is one of the most important parts of a Jiu-Jitsu uniform. 

Even though it gets undone often, gets in the way, and you have to re-tie it every 10 minutes, it displays someone’s rank through colors and stripes, which of course, is very important when training in the Gentle Art. 

So, if you’re looking for the best BJJ belts on the market, expecting to get promoted soon, or simply looking for something that represents you better, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are our top 10 picks, selected based on carefully predetermined criteria.

Our Top Picks at a Glance

Best Belts BJJ Belts for Adults

So, what exactly are you looking for in a BJJ belt? Well, first of all, know your color. Next, go through the following list, which outlines all the features that make a belt stand out and be considered among the best BJJ belts in the world. 

We’re not going to leave you hanging though – we’ll discuss all the things you need to keep in mind when selecting a brand new BJJ belt for yourself, whether you’re looking for your first belt, looking to replace a worn-out one, or getting ready to level up come that promotion next month.

Gold BJJ Jiu-Jitsu Belt

best BJJ belt

Kicking things off is a brand whose belts I’ve used and relied on, mostly during my purple and brown belt days. Gold’s mission statement is that it provides what grapplers need based on the hands-on experience the people behind the brand have in the sport.

A 100% cotton belt, built to withstand countless sessions and manipulations on the mats. The weave is heavyweight, which helps the belt stay in place when you tie it (as much as BJJ belts can stay tied). 

There is a reinforced, double-stitch construction which makes this belt durable and tough, and prevents it from tearing along the edges. 

Available in all five adult colors, and 6 different sizes to accommodate all body types. 


  • Wet Wipe clean
  • Fit for training and competition
  • Durable and tough
  • Minimalist design


  • Shorter in length compared to other BJJ belts. 

Sanabul BJJ Belt

best BJJ belt

Sanabul is a brand that prides itself on providing high-quality combat sports gear for a fraction of the price compared to other brands. If you’re looking for your first-ever BJJ belt or a backup belt to carry around for competition, this should be your first pick. 

The name of the game with this belt is superior durability. It is built to easily take you all the way to your next promotion, and still be intact. It is approved by the IBJJF for competitions, meaning it can be a great belt specifically for competitions. 

All Sanabul gear, including their belts, has been tried and tested by professional coaches and athletes before becoming available to the BJJ public.  

Available in all adult colors (white to black) and 5 different sizes. 


  • Wet Wipe clean
  • Tested by professionals
  • Extremely tough, but feels light and unrestrictive
  • Fit for training and competition


  • A little stiff when it comes in and takes a long time to break in

Kingz Premium BJJ Belt

best BJJ belt

Another brand I have direct experience with was when I got promoted to brown belt. I wore it for more than a year and only had to replace it (with a Gold BJJ belt) because I lost it traveling back and forth from BJJ camps.

Kingz belts are wider than usual, something I found a bit uncomfortable at the beginning, but quickly learned to love as it helps keep the Gi in place much better. In fact, they construct their belts like a Gi – this belt is pearl weave fabric of the utmost quality. 

You can get this handcrafted belt in all the regular adult colors, and a total of 6 different sizes. 


  • Machine washable
  • Embroidered branding (fewer things to tear)
  • Maintains shape and color extremely long
  • Fit for training and competition
  • Wider than standard belts


  • Difficult to tie until you break it in, on account of the width

Tatami Fightwear BJJ Belt

best BJJ Belt

If you’ve trained BJJ for any amount of time, you’ve worn Ttatami gear at one point or another, whether it is from their Gi series or No-Gi collections. Belt-wise, my very first BJJ belt was from Tatami Fightwear.

A belt constructed from 100% cotton, which weighs only 0.3 pounds. It is 1.5 inches wide and built to competition standards, from quality to lifespan. It features reinforced stitching to ensure the edges won’t give way. 

Branding is minimal, with a stitched logo on one end, and the black bar intended for stripe placement on the other. The color is very strong and with a dark tone on each color. 

Available in all adult colors and 6 different sizes. 


  • Rich color
  • Machine washable
  • Built for competition, according to the highest standards
  • Lightweight but stays in place firmly


  • Make sure to check the length of the belt in regard to the size, as you might need one size bigger

Sanabul Vintage Series BJJ Belt

best BJJ Belt

Sanabul is contributing to our versatile best belt for BJJ list with yet another premium product, affordable at an incredible price – their original Vintage series Brazzulian Jiu-Jitus belt. 

This particular belt is made from 100% premium cotton, designed in a way that pays tribute to old-school, Japanese-inspired Judo and BJJ belts. Approved by the IBJJF on every account, from thickness to length and design, with reinforced stitching to guarantee it lasts way longer than the original belts did. 

This belt comes in a very light, almost pale tone of each color, just like the belts of old, which for me personally was a big plus when I got prompted to a blue belt with one of these belts. My only “regret” is that I only spent just over a year at blue belt, and got a different brand of belt next.

Available in all 5 adult colors and 4 different sizes.


  • Wet Wipe clean
  • Fit for training and competition
  • Resilient and ultra-durable
  • Original retro-looking design that will make you stand out


  • Not approved by the IBJJF
  • Not everyone is a fan of lighter-toned belts, which this certainly is 

Hayabusa 2.0 BJJ Belt


Hayabusa has some of the top gear options when it comes to combat sports, with some of the very best BJJ belts coming our way courtesy of this reliable brand. 

Hayabusa usually has heavier-set Gis, and their belts follow suit. This belt is made from 550 GSM gold spec-weave fabric and 12oz twill cotton. In other words, this is a belt that you can’t tear even if you tried. 

While it is robust, the Hayabusa 2.0 belt remains very lightweight and comfortable, while retaining a solid memory (it means it does not have the tendency to easily come undone on its own). It has a branded patch stitched to the end opposite the black bar intended for stripes. 

Given its resilience, it is a great option for your black belt, as that is one you’re not going to change quickly. Still, it is available in all adult colors and 6 different sizes.


  • Machine washable 
  • Stays in place
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Fit for training and competition


  • Feels stiff and robust

Fuji Premium Pearl Weave BJJ Belt

best BJJ belt

Fuji is the one brand on this list with over 50 years of experience in making belts for grappling martial arts. They started with Judo and moved on to the more demanding market of BJJ, providing some of the best belts around. 

This belt is one of the most comfortable ones available, although my direct experience is limited, having only worn one I borrowed as a brown belt on a few occasions. That is due to the premium cotton blend, woven into a pearl weave to ensure it is as resilient as it is comfortable. 

Despite having very vibrant colors, Fuji made a special effort to make the belt easy to clean, with a scrub-like finish to prevent the build-up of debris. 

Given Fuji’s experience on the subject, this belt is approved by every major organization out there: IBJJf, BJJF, and UAEJJf.  

Available in all 5 adult BJJ belt colors and 7 different sizes. 


  • Fit for training and competition 
  • Machine washable 
  • Fit for training and competition 
  • A wide range of sizes is available
  • Very vibrant colors


  • Very soft

Elite Sports BJJ Belt

best BJJ belt

A brand similar to Sanabul, aiming (and succeeding) to provide high-quality Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gear for budget prices. Perfect for people just starting grappling and still trying to figure out their preferences, this is a great starting point. 

The approach Eltie took to making this belt is the same as if they were designing a Gi. It is pre-shrunk, so you can safely watch it over and over again. It is also made of premium cotton fabric, which makes the belt particularly light. 

Despite this, it still has sufficient stiffness to stay put while grappling, a result of a thick and sturdy design with detailed stitching.

Available in 5 different sizes and all adult belt colors.   


  • Machine washable 
  • Fit for training and competition 
  • Lightweight 
  • Pre-shrunk fabric
  • Sturdy and tight-fitting


  • Thicker than other belts 

Ronin BJJ Belt

Ronin Fightweear their premium blend BJJ belt brings something new to the table. Ronin have affordable-priced, ultra-high-quality gear on offer, sticking to quality over quantity, and offering only a handful of products, with all of them near flawless.  

This belt is created for professional use, designed from a signature cotton-polyester blend, with a serious focus on durability and strength. The core is a single layer of 100% cotton, reinforced by a cotton-polyester cover to ensure the belt is resilient, tight fitting, and easy to keep clean. Heavy-duty stitching and sewn ends add to the durability of this belt. 

The lightweight Ronin BJJ belt is available in all adult colors and 4 different sizes.


  • Machine washable
  • Long-lasting and reliable 
  • Easy to clean and maintain 
  • Fit for training and competition 
  • Made from premium materials


  • Slightly shorter in comparison to adult Gi size measurements 

Venum BJJ Belt

best BJJ Belt

The final entry in our best BJJ belts list is one of the most reliable BJJ brands out there for all kinds of grappling gear, which of course, includes belts. 

Their BJJ belt is almost a classic, especially for BJJ beginners. It is a soft, long, thin belt, perfectly suited to withstand the rigors of BJJ, but not heavy and stiff as some of the belts are more suited to competition. 

As is the standard with Venum gear, this is belt designed with careful research of the requirements athletes have of their belts, especially given that people change them every couple of years. So, they provide what folks need, without any fuss – a BJJ belt for any occasion.     

5 different sizes and all adult belt colors show Venum’s take on variability.


  • Dry cloth clean 
  • Fit for training and competition
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Long and easy to stay in place


  • A bit on the long side, which more advanced practitioners find annoying 

How to Choose the Best Belt for BJJ

Picking out a BJJ belt which is best for you will require a bit of tinkering. You might, of course, just go with what you get on your promotion, but often times that means that at the very least, the size is going to be a mismatch, and most likely other aspects as well. 

The bottom line is that it is great if you pick out your own belt, before or after promotion and there are several very important things to know in regard to finding out the best belt for BJJ. Or, at least the best one for you.   


Belt color is out of your control, in terms of being restricted only to the belt color that matches your ranking. Of course, you are free to buy any belt color you want, but you won’t be able to wear them unless you drive them. 

You can, however, pick a belt brand, or a belt model that you like, once you’ve been promoted to a specific color – you are not bound to wear the belt you’ve been promoted with. 

You are also free to pick the tone of color that suits you best, with different ones available from different brands. 

As of last year (2022) there is a mock BJJ belt also in circulation, one that does not require promotion. It was brought about by BJJ Globetrotters, to prod and challenge the accepted belt system, and is a rainbow-colored belt. 


Belt sizes are important in terms of allowing you the best experience on the mats. Belts in BJJ tend to come undone often, so figuring out the best length, thickness, and width of a belt, really does make a difference. 

Thickness and width standards are set forth by the IBJJF, or in particular, the minimal requirements for both of them. No brand makes belts that are below these requirements, so the only thing to worry about in this regard is your personal preference for belt thickness and width. 

Length-wise, the iBJJF also has rules in place, but usually, most people refrain from very long belts anyway, as they tend to get in the way of grappling. So, once again, a belt being too short is what the IBJJF usually checks, and personal preference, along with waist size, is going to determine belt length.


Most Jiu-Jitsu belts out there are able to withstand a lot of “abuse” on the mat. Weak points are the top and bottom edges, where belts usually start to give way, or, more precisely, the outer protective player. 

The best Jiu Jitsu belts take care of this problem by way of stitching and selection of materials, so that the belts won’t give way as a result of constant manipulation, the sweat involved in rolling, training and competing, and washing the belts constantly. 

One thing to remember is that the most durable belts are also the stiffest and thickest, so they might be slightly uncomfortable. Picking out a belt is all about finding the belt that will last until your next promotion, at least until you reach black belt level. 

Kids Belts Vs. Adult Belts

The kids’ belt system is different from that of adults, and kids get promoted a lot faster, partly on account of their quick growth. The same belt properties are important for kids, with a focus on belt size, competition compatibility, durability, and of course, color. 

Kids’ colors begin with white and then proceed to grey, yellow, orange, and, eventually, green. The next belt after green is the adult blue belt.

A unique aspect of BJJ is that every kid’s bel levels apart from white is that kids get three different belts in every color:  the first with the base color and a white line running the length of the belt, the second with a complete fill, and the third one with a black line running the length of the base colored belt. 


Prices are, of course, a defining aspect of looking for the best BJJ belts out there. For those who still need to figure out exactly what they like in a belt, sticking to proven budget options, like Sanabul or Elite is the best choice. 

Once you have a clear idea of what you like, particularly if you are a competitor, you’re most likely to pick a more specific belt, which usually means it is going to be pricier. 

You can also go the other way around if you are a more experienced grappler. If you already have a belt you’ve picked, you can pick a budget option as a backup, or as your main training belt, allowing you to break out your more expensive belt only for tournaments. 

Best BJJ Belt Brands

Picking just one top BJJ belt brand is impossible, as priorities change as you go through the belt ranks, and you will most likely change several brands.

I’ve had hands-on experience with most of the BJJ belt brands on our list, and I am still open to switching them around, once my black belt becomes rugged enough to merit having a backup belt. 

When it comes to brand selection, the focus should be on reliable, proven brands, is your best bet, regardless of your belt level. At the very least, with these brands, you know that your belt is going to be allowed in a competition.

Sanabul logo


A brand that has provided a steady supply of budget-priced BJJ belts with more than solid quality for almost a decade now. Approved by the IBJJF, Sanabul’s belts are durable, relatively lightweight, and have a size heart that is easy to read and compare to adult Gi sizes.

Gold BJJ

Gold BJJ is another fairly fresh brand, operating in the BJJ community, founded in 2016 by a couple of grapplers who identified a need for specific grappling gear and decided to fill it with their own designs. Their belt design is flawless in terms of sizing, with one sitting in my BJJ bag as I am writing this. 

Gold BJJ’s gear is very reliable and comfortable, with a special focus on durability which is exactly why I picked one to wear as my main belt after I got promoted to black belt.

kingz BJJ logo


Kingz offers some of the best Gis and belts for BJJ, as attested to by the fact that you can hardly walk into a BJJ academy and not see someone wearing a Kingz piece of gear. They have been at it since 2011, looking to develop BJJ gear with a strong focus on detail. I’d say they are successful in that quest, as the attention to small things in all their designs is pristine. 


Provided you might have a few more questions on your mind in regard to the best BJJ belts and how to go on ensuring you’ve selected one of them, I’ll cover a few more things people usually ask in the gym: 

Are BJJ Belts Gender Neutral?

Yes, all BJJ belts are the same for both male and female practitioners. This is true for both adult and kids’ belts. That said, there are BJJ gis made specifically for women, which we have a whole article on.

Should You Wash Your BJJ Belt?

Definitely! You should always follow the instructions of the brand, to ensure that you don’t damage your belt in the process, but outside of that, you should treat your belt as every other piece of gear – make sure you keep it clean so that it doesn’t retain odors or microbes. 

What is the BJJ Belt Order?

Since I already covered the kids’ BJJ belt order earlier, I’m just going to outline the adult BJJ belt order here: 

  1. White belt 
  2. Blue belt 
  3. Purple belt
  4. Brown belt
  5. Black belt 

The moment you walk into an academy for your first class you’re already a white belt, but you’ll need to be officially promoted to all other belt ranks. 

Tying Your BJJ Belt

If you’re new to BJJ, it might seem as though you need a black belt in Origami to tie your BJJ belt

But, fear not! Check out the video below which will walk you through tying your BJJ belt in simple and easy-to-understand steps.

Final Thoughts 

Picking out a BJJ belt is probably more important than picking out a Gi. 

You’re going to rotate Gis, but not belts, at least not until you get promoted.

For the most part, you’ll only have one belt during your stay at a specific rank, so you want that belt to provide you with the best possible performance on the mats while being comfortable and durable. 

None of the options above are going to fail you in that regard. 

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