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Best BJJ Rash Guard
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Looking to figure out what the best BJJ rash guard is for you? 

You’re at the right place then, as this is the ultimate guide to help you pick out BJJ rash guards for training, competing, and even wearing underneath the Gi when training Gi Jiu-Jitsu. 

We won’t however, only serve you with reviews and suggestions, but rather explain everything there is to know about BJJ rash guards, and what to look for when trying to pick one (or more) for yourself. 

Let’s go!   

Our Top Picks at a Glance 

Best BJJ Rash Guards

Without further ado, let’s go for a deep dive into the world of BJJ rash guards, and try and figure out which one is going to fit your needs and preferences the best: 

Hayabusa Geo Rash Guard

Haybusa’s gear is among the best in the world in every regard when combat sports are in question. They build functional gear that lasts, improves performance, and looks good, like for example, their Geo Rash Guards.

First and foremost, this rash guard features a unique design, focused on geometrical patterns like specific angles and shapes which are a mathematical representation of Jiu-Jitsu.  

Maximal freedom of movement is the main performance quality of this rash guard. It’s a lightweight piece of gear that feels like a second skin, courtesy of breathable material, and stays firmly in place via its silicone waistband. 

The Geo rash guard has an athletic cut, enhanced with multi-way stretch properties with flatlock seams to keep you from chafing. The material helps protect from mat burn, microorganisms, scratches, etc. 

This rash guard should only be cold-washed (it is machine washable) and hung to dry. Ironing, bleaching, and dry cleaning is a no-go.   

Long and Short-Sleeve Versions: 

There are both long and short-sleeved variations of this rash guard. The long-sleeve one is available in 5 different sizes and in blue, red, or grey.

The short-sleeved version also comes in 5 sizes, and three different colors. 


  • Available in short and long-sleeve variations
  • Very aesthetic design
  • Does not slip while training
  • Durable


  • Not all colors are IBJJF-approved

Sanabul Essentials Rash Guard

Sanabul is the leading brand among combat gear manufacturers when it comes to affordable high-quality training and competition apparel. In fact, their BJJ gear is some of the very best, and in particular, their series of long and short-sleeved rash guards. 

The name of this rash guard really hits the spot – the Essential. It is exactly that, a simple, uncluttered option that you can wear for both Gi and No-Gi training. The design features a black base, with different colored sleeves depicting a grappler’s belt rank. 

Sanabul’s gear undergoes rigorous testing by professional grappling coaches and athletes, like John Danaher and Guilherme Bomba. 

The Sanabul Essentials is designed for maximum breathability, with built-in mesh that allows your body to ventilate during training, regulating your temperature in the process. 

Compression properties mean that this piece of Jiu-Jitsu gear helps with blood flow, reducing fatigue and the rate of injuries.

The fabric is pre-treated, extending the lifespan of the rash guard. 4-way-stretch properties provide flexible strength, while complete sublimation of the design ensures the colors won’t crack or fade with time and repeated washing. 

If you’re looking for the best cheap rash guard for BJJ, you just found your number one option!

Long and Short-Sleeve Versions:

The Sanabul Essentials comes in both long and short-sleeve variations, with the long-sleeved option coming in 6 different colors and 5 sizes. 

The short-sleeved version of the Sanabul Essentials is available in 7 different colors and 6 sizes. 


  • Available in short and long-sleeve variations
  • Allowed in both training in competition
  • Very affordable price
  • UV SPF 50 protection if you want to surf or run with it
  • Tested by the best in the business


  • Very snug fit, and might require selecting one size up

Cold BJJ Camo Rash Guard

Gold is one of my personal favorite BJJ gear brands, and there is a reason for it – they make some of the absolute best BJJ rash guards available these days! Moreover, they back everything with their unique Gold standard guarantee! 

Apart from looking incredible with the camo designs combined with BJJ belt rank colors, this high quality rash guard is also one of the toughest ones I’ve ever worn. It features an ultrastrong fabric, put together with flatlock stitching, and made flexible and breathable by strategically put mesh panels. 

The graphics are fully digitally sublimated, which means the color won’t flake or peel off. Additionally, you can use this BJJ rash guard for outdoor activities like surfing, running, and simial as well as indoor combat sports/fitness training.  

Long and Short Sleeve Versions:

The Gold BJJ Camo is available with long or short sleeves. The former comes in 10 colors, with those that are ranked with belt color legal for use in IBJJF competitions. It is available in 6 different sizes. 

The short-sleeved version is also available in 10 different colored designs, with the same rules in terms of IBJJF compatibility applicable. You can get one of these in 7 different sizes. 


  • Available in short and long-sleeve variations
  • Won’t roll up during training because it is longer
  • Allowed in both training in competition
  • Colors do not fade or crack, ever


  • Small fitting – usually requires ordering at least one size larger

Venum Men’s Rash Guard

Venum is a brand synonymous with combat sports gear and is particularly well known for its high quality rash guards. They were one of the first brands to offer several different rash guard series with upgraded versions of their best performers. 

The Venum’s Men’s Rash Guard is one of those rash guards you can bet your grappling life on. It’s strong, it’s comfortable and easy to take care of. Your run-of-the-mill compression rash guard for any grappler. 

The material used in this BJJ rash guard is 95% cotton and 5% elastane, hence the incredibly comfortable feel. The elastane is just enough to ensure flexibility, which makes the rash guard last in the tough environment that is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

This rash guard features screen-printed colors, ensuring they won’t fade, as well as a round neck, adding to the comfort level. 

Machine washable, do not iron!

Only a long-sleeved version, with 2 different color designs and 5 sizes available.


  • Provides compression to improve blood flow
  • Quality printing for lasting color
  • Ultra comfortable
  • Perfect “loose” fitting (choose size carefully)


  • No short sleeve option
  • Not approved by the IBJJF for competition. 

Gold BJJ Foundation BJJ Rash Guard 

As I said, Gold BJJ is a brand that you can trust, so they feature yet again in our list, this time with a slightly different option. 

The Gold BJJ Foundation Rash Guard is easily one of the most beautifully designed Jiu-Jitsu rash guards ever. Instead of a black/white base color with added colors here and there, the entire rash guard depicts belt rambo color or other colors. Gold’s logo is across the chest and there’s an armband on one sleeve containing the word “journey” – no clutter at all design-wise! 

The entire design is digitally sublimated to ensure long-lasting use. Once again, the cut is slightly longer compared to other BJJ rash guards, ensuring the waistline does not roll up during heated exchanges on the mats (perfect for spazzy white belts).

Multi-stretch Polyester blend material and mesh panels ensure comfort and unimpeded movement while allowing for maximum airflow to keep you dry. Hidden flatlock seams add further to the comfort, introducing durability as well. 

Long and Short-Sleeve Versions:

This rash guard is available in both long and short-sleeve versions. 

Long sleeve rash guard is available in 6 different colors (BJJ belt ranks plus red) and 7 different sizes. 

The short-sleeved Gold Foundation Rash Guard comes in 6 colors and 7 sizes as well, with the same properties as the long sleeve rash guard. The only difference is that the armband is located at the biceps level in the short-sleeved one as opposed to the forearm level in the long-sleeved version. 

All in all, this is the perfect rash guard for anyone needing durable, comfortable gear to wear to training.


  • IBJJF-approved for competition 
  • Available in short and long-sleeve variations
  • Designed and tested by grapplers
  • Wicks moisture keeping you dry


  • Pricey 

Venum Gladiator 3.0 Rash Guard

Venum’s Gladiator Rash Guard is arguably the most popular rashguard among BJJ practitioners since, well, forever. No wonder this is the third edition of this in-demand Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu rash guard.

The Venum Gladiator 3.0 easily challenges any other for the title of best BJJ rash guard in terms of design. The entire rash guard is a work of art, featuring a unique gladiator theme all over. The fact that the same design is available in different colors adds valuable options. 

Performance-wise, the Gladiator 3.0 is a very reliable one – made from a Polyester – Spandex blend, it contains compression technology that helps speed up recovery time. Dry-tech technology ensures airflow and helps cool the body down during training. 

A rubber waistband ensures the rash guard stays in place, while reinforced seams help it defy the rigors of BJJ with ease. 

Long and Short Sleeve Versions:

Unlike the previous Venum rash gaud, this one has both short and long-sleeve versions. 

The first one comes in three color varieties and 5 different sizes. The second one is also available in three different colors, but only 4 sizes. 


  • Temperature regulation
  • Incredibly durable
  • Comfortable material
  • Faster recovery
  • Incredible design
  • Available in short and long-sleeve variations


  • Not legal for competition under IBJJF rules. 

Sanabul Core Rash Guard

Another budget option by Sanabul, once again with quality to rival some of the more expensive best options. Sanabul’s Core Rash Guard is about performance only, with the most minimal design that allows it to be legal for us in IBJJF tournaments. 

As with all their other products, this Sanabul rash guard has been tested and approved by professional grappling coaches and competitors. 

One unique feature of this rashguard is that it provides gradual compression, which helps keep you agile and provides much-needed ventilation, in association with the strategically placed mash panels. 

Sanabul has put a lot into this rash guard, creating a piece of gear you can use for anything, from surfing to running marathons, and of course, rolling in training and competition. The rash guard has a built-in UV protection system, with an SPF of 50. 

Long and Short-Sleeve Versions:

There are long-sleeved and short-sleeved versions of this rash guard available. 

You can pick out four different colors and 5 different sizes in both these rash guard variations.

This is an ideal option to wear underneath the Gi, especially the long sleeve rash guard.  


  • Versatile uses 
  • Available in short and long-sleeve variations
  • Great ventilation 
  • Perfect to wear under the Gi for moisture wicking and protection 
  • IBJJF-compliant for competition and training


  • A little thick

Progress Jiu-Jitsu Academy BJJ Rash Guard

Progress Jiu-JItsu offers premium quality products for grapplers, including Gi and No-Gi gear. Based out of the UK, their designs are influenced by a mix of BJJ history, British culture, and So-Cal BJJ vibes – the perfect recipe for the best short sleeve BJJ rash guard. 

Featuring a proprietary polyester-spandex blend, the Progress Jiu-Jitsu Academy Rash Guard is crafted of the highest quality premium materials with an aim toward longevity. This BJJ rash guard’s moisture-wicking properties are particularly impressive, as it draws sweat away from the body extremely efficiently, keeping you dry during training. 

Another standout feature is the exceptional fit, balancing compression, and flexibility for ultimate muscle support and injury prevention. 

Progress Jiu-Jitsu also deserves points for style with this rash guard, demonstrating a sleek design with no unnecessary elements. 

This BJJ rash guard is also machine washable and very easy to take care of. 

Only available as a short-sleeved version, in two colors (black and khaki) and 6 different sizes. 


  • Keeps you dry via efficient moisture-wicking properties
  • Premium quality material
  • Muscle support and injury prevention through compression
  • Stylish design


  • No long sleeve rash guard option
  • Just two colors

Raven Fightwear Nordic IBJJF Approved 

Raven is a brand that offers high-quality BJJ gear for affordable prices – not unlike Sanabul. Their focus, however, is on BJJ rash guards and fight shorts (even though they offer Gis as well) and they pride themselves on having a wide product range that covers all types of needs grapplers might have. 

The Nordic is one of the top ranked rash guards, approved by the IBJJF for competition. It is made out of a signature 80% Polyester and 20% Spandex blend that gives this rashguard the perfect balance of comfort, flexibility, and durability. 

This is definitely a unique rash guard that really catches the eye in the design, featuring motives from Nordic mythology spread out across the entire surface and fully sublimated to last. 

A silicone waistband prevents slippage upward on the torso while rolling, and reinforced stitching ensures the rash guard won’t tear easily, even if pulled on. Four-way stretch properties help with this particular issue too. 

This is only available with long sleeves, in 5 colors (belt range), and an incredible 10 different sizes, up to 5XL. 

Easily the best BJJ rash guard for big guys.


  • IBJJF approved 
  • Huge size range
  • Unique, attractive Nordic mythology design
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Durable.


  • No short-sleeve option.
  • Bold design might not be to everyone’s liking

Elite Sports Ranked Rash Guard

Elite Sports is the brand you turn to when you want a nice and simple rash guard. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing the matter with going fancy, except maybe the price tag – Elite delivers some of the best possible Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gear you can hope for.

The Ranked Rash Guard by Elite Sports is easily one of the best rash guards for BJJ on account of several unique qualities: 

First, it is made out of a blend of Polyester and Spandex that not only makes it stretchable in 4 directions but also helps it retain its shape, even after prolonged use. Sublimated graphics take care of the question of retaining its rich color design. 

Second, it provides a complete range of motion, without any restrictions or danger for chaffing, as a result of the Honeycomb technology. 

Last but not least, this rashguard is treated in a way that prevents odors from sticking to it, even if you forget it in your bag after training (don’t do that though – no need to test this feature out by yourself). 

The Elite Sports is available with both short and long sleeves. 

Short-sleeved Elite Sports Ranked Rash Guards are on offer in seven different colors and 5 different designs, while its long-sleeved counterpart comes in the same seven colors, but one size less (4 sizes available).


  • IBJJF legal for training and competition 
  • Retains its shape
  • Available in short and long-sleeve variations
  • Does not retain bad odors
  • Multipurpose uses


  • Hand wash only

Revgear Bionic Rash Guard

Rounding off our best BJJ rash guard list is Revgear’s enticingly named BIonic Rash Guard. The brand has been around for almost 30 years, and they’ve always been on top of the quality pyramid for combat sports gear, including some unique BJJ-specific pieces. 

The Bionic Rash Guard is a multipurpose one, aimed to provide impeccable performance in grappling, MMA, or outdoor activities. 

The most pronounced quality of this rashguard is support through next-level compression. Claiming to make you “feel more than a human” the compression aspects of this rash guard greatly improve blood flow, support the musculoskeletal system, and help prevent soft tissue injuries as well as mat burns/scratches. 

UltraDry technology ensures no moisture stays in between your body and the rashguard for too long, thus helping with thermal regulation and airflow. 

On the subject of durability, the stitching employed by Revgear is called DuraStitch NeverSplit seams, which says everything. 

Long and Short Sleeve Versions:

Both versions are available for this rash guard. In long sleeves, it is available in 5 different sizes, while in short sleeves it offers one additional size – a total of 6 different sizes. Only one color is on offer for both these variations – black. 


  • Keeps you dry
  • Enhanced support of the muscles
  • Multipurpose uses
  • Available in short and long-sleeve variations
  • Will not tear
  • Very comfortable


  • Available only in black. 
  • Not compatible with IBJJF competition requirements

Why Wear a Rash Guard to BJJ?

Easy answer – they look cool! Come on, there is no way you don’t want to wear a colorful, comfortable, unterstrictive piece of training gear like that! BJJ rash guards are so versatile in terms of design – you could even wear them at weddings – John Danaher famously did. 

Okay, jokes aside, BJJ rash guards do more than just make us look cool or ridiculous (point of view). They contribute to a huge aspect of training JIu-Jitsu, which is hygiene. 

Wearing a rash guard helps practitioners not only look after their hygiene but in doing so, contribute to the overall hygiene of the gym. Grappling with nothing but shorts on might look manly, but at the end of the day, it exponentially increases the risk of microbial diseases calling the gym their home. 

Skin infections and skin irritations are a concern given the proximity to others in a hot and sweaty environment. For example, skin infections such as staph can be deadly, so maintaining high levels of hygiene should be of paramount importance to any BJJ practitioner. 

While the primary goal of a rash guard is to protect the skin from abrasions, rashes, and surface injuries (hence the name) in Jiu-Jitsu, it also plays a pivotal role in keeping gyms and training equipment germ-free. 

Another important aspect is that it provides a great base layer to wear underneath a Gi. When you wear a rash guard under the Gi jacket, you still make use of all of its sweat wicking and airflow qualities. 

The rash guard acts as a barrier for sweat, regulating the temperature of the body and providing much-needed support through compression, but also protecting the Gi from moisture and in doing so, expanding its lifespan. 

Finally, there are tactical reasons for wearing BJJ rash guards – they provide traction in No-Gi, something that is crucial for the success of many techniques, especially submission holds.  

How to Choose a Rash Guard for BJJ 

Do not take this part of our guide lightly as I understand how attractive a rash guard design can be – we’re hardwired to go for the shiny, colorful things, but that does not mean you’ve picked the best BJJ rash guard for yourself. 

We did most of the legwork here when compiling this list for you. In fact, as a big fan of No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu and bordering on the obsessive side of collecting BJJ rash guards, I outlined my process for picking one.

I have upwards of two dozen, so I’ll use these numbers as my credentials for guiding you through the main rah guard selection criteria:  

Long vs. Short Sleeve

This is an aspect of buying BJJ rash guards that will have you stuck more than any other. Sometimes you might prefer a certain sleeve length for different reasons, but it may turn out to be less than ideal for you. 

Why? Traction. The length of the sleeves of your rash guard is dependent more on the type of game you play than anything else. 

Namely, if you’re a fan of holding your own arms to finish moves, like Darce chokes, Anacondas, Kimuras, ankle locks, rear naked chokes, and similar, you need a long-sleeved rashguard. 

The reason is that once you’re all sweaty (which happens within minutes of rolling) you’ll find it very difficult to keep a hold of your own arm when gripping for the aforementioned moves if you’re gripping the sweat-covered skin.

With long sleeve rash guards, you have traction when you grip which makes your grips way more difficult to break. 

I know this might be difficult to grasp, but as a renowned Darce enthusiast who prefers short-sleeved rashguards, I had to make myself fall in love with long-sleeved ones. You’ll grow into them. 

Also, whenever you’re using BJJ rash guards as a base layer, the more you can protect the Gi, the better, which once again favors long-sleeved options. 


This one is easy as certain rash guards are designed with this feature in mind – to be compliant with IBJJF requirements.

The rules state that a rash guard needs to clearly depict a competitor’s belt rank and that the color of the rank cannot be less than 10% of the surface area of the rash guard. In simple terms, the more a rash guard is filled with the color of your rank, the better.  

If you’re a blue belt, for example, you’re rash guard will need to be at least 10% blue. The same goes for white, purple, brown, and black.

The only thing to pick here is the color of your belt, as manufacturers usually take care of every other aspect of a rash guard’s legality for you. 


This is also not something you can really pick too much. The only question is whether you like the polyester in your rashguard to be blended with cotton or spandex. 

In the instance of cotton-polyester blends, there is far more comfort and breathability and a more “natural” feel. 

When polyester is paired with spandex, you know you’re getting a durable, flexible, and powerful (in terms of compression) rash guard that will last very long. 

Usually, it comes down to the weather situation at your location of training, especially if your game calls for the use of long-sleeved rash guards.

Silicone/Rubber Waist Band

This is a must, which is exactly why all the best BJJ rash guard options reviewed above feature one. There is nothing more annoying than a rash guard that constantly rolls up while you roll, exposing the lower part of your torso to the “gym elements”. 

We already deal with belts getting undone constantly and the Gi tangling all around us, we don’t need the base piece of gear to contribute to chaotic wardrobe malfunctions. Any type of waistband reinforcement, whether it is silicone or rubber does the trick in preventing BJJ rash guards from slipping and rolling up. 

Personally, I prefer rubber bands over silicone ones because they are stronger, but they tend to be thicker and thus might annoy some people in terms of comfort. 

The best solution is to have a longer cut and a rubber band as Gold BJJ’s rash guards have. 

The silicone band in my Hayabusa rash guard

Anti-Microbial Properties 

This is crucial in terms of health primarily, and the life span and usability of your rash guard. The main aim of wearing a rash guard is to create a barrier between your skin and the outside environment, which in our case are the mats and other sweaty people. 

With this in mind, a rash guard containing no or little cotton is a good idea, as it naturally won’t attract microbes, nor create conditions for them to stay and multiply. Most BJJ rash guards have such a feature in place, which is one of the main differences between compression shirts and rash guards. 

A welcome addition in this regard is a rash guard with anti-odor properties as well. Rash guards stink up really fast if left in a bag, or anywhere really, after a sweaty, long rolling session. 

Having anti-odor properties might be a game changer when it comes to saying goodbye to your favorite rashguard due to negligence, or managing to have it live to fight another day. 

Multi-Panel Construction

Once again, most of the best BJJ rash gaurd options covered above feature such structure, as this is the optimal, and thus common way combat sports rash guards are built. 

The multi-panel construction is responsible for the moisture-wicking and thermoregulating properties of rash guards. They allow for sweat to run in between, staying away from the body, while at the same time not reaching and soaking the rash guard’s surface, but rather running through. 

In some cases, brands take multi-panel construction a bit far, crating thicker rash guards which are great as base layers for underneath the Gi or cold weather training but tend to be slightly more uncomfortable than thinner ones for No-Gi training.  

Reinforced Stitching 

Usually in the form of flatlock seams, this is one more crucial aspect of rash guards. All those panels and thin materials are held in place only by seams, so if those seams give way, the entire rash guard becomes useless. 

Something that ceratin brands do is hide the seams as best as they can, so that both the person wearing the rash guard, and their partners do not feel the seams during rolling, as they can cause minor scratches. 

What is important though, is to have reinforced seams at key areas, like armpits and the waist, rather than invisible ones.  

Best BJJ rash guard


Finally, we arrive at a couple of rash guard selection criteria that are completely up to you. Most of the options in our guide are IBJJF-approved, but for those who are not, it is clearly stated that you can’t use them in tournaments. 

You can train in any rash guard design that you want – I have a few particularly inappropriate ones that always make people on the mats laugh. Only a handful of gyms have rules in place for the type and design of rash guards allowed during training. 

If competition is not something you’re interested in or planning to do with your rash guard, you are free to pick any design that catches your eye, as long as all or most of the criteria above are fulfilled. 

If you want to go for a stylish rash guard that goes with your BJJ shorts, go ahead! If you want a funny rash guard bound to invoke some laughs, that’s great as well! As long as you feel comfortable and are able to focus throughout intense training sessions, that’s all that matters. 


Similar to the previous section, brands are all about personal preference. I tend to like Gold BJJs rah guards for example, but also have had Hayabusa, Sanabul, Venum, and Elite sports before. 

All of them offer different attractions, and giving as many as you can a try before settling down is a good idea, given that the budget allows it, of course.   

Best BJJ Rash Guard Brands 

Since there are no brands that exclusively design No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu gear, figuring out the best BJJ rash guard brands comes down to fight wear equipment manufacturers. There are several key players here, as you might have noticed from our list, but even among them, some stand above the others: 

Venum Logo


One of the most popular and diverse brands for combat sports gear and apparel. Launched in 2004 by former IBM salesman Frank Dupois, Venum set out to revolutionize the world of combat sports through high-quality, aesthetically unique gear. It is safe to say that this mission has been successful. 

Nearly two decades later,  Venum is the brand behind some of the biggest names in BJJ, MMA, and Muay Thai, offering a wider range of products with constant updates to the most popular collections and series.  

Currently, they have more than two dozen different rash guards on offer, with the two best ones according to our criteria reviewed in detail above. If you’re in need of high-quality gear for martial arts training, you can’t go wrong with Venum. 

Gold BJJ Logo

Gold BJJ

A brand made by grapplers, for grapplers which then expanded into other streams of combat gear as well. Still Gold BJJ  is one of the rare brands out there with a primary focus on BJJ, and the gear that grappling athletes require. 

Started in 2016 in San Diego by Cole and Dave, brown and purple belt respectively, Gold BJJ’s goal was to provide primal gear to grappling athletes, with timely shipping and a money-back guarantee, which is one of Gold BJJ’s most distinctive features.  

At the moment, they offer 4 different rash guards, one of which is designed for kids only. Plus, it’s worth mentioning their “Gold BJJ Guarantee”, which allows their customers to return their gear anytime within 1 year if they are unhappy for any reason. 

Hayabusa Logo


A real champion among combat sports brands, Hayabusa has been around since 2006, nearly as long as Venum. 

It started off as a brand offering gloves, rash guards, and fight shorts, so in that regard, it is as close to a specialized BJJ rash guards brand as one can get. The brand has a research-based approach to designing new products, with lots and lots of rigorous testing, which is probably why their gear never fails.

At the moment, their rash guards’ collection has 6 different models on offer. 

Sanabul logo


As I touched upon earlier when discussing the Sanabul rash guards, Sanabul is a well-known, and respected name in the fight wear and gear industry. 

Namely, they’re most known for producing extremely affordable tailored to all levels of BJJ practitioners. I’ve got a ton of Sanabul gear, and they’re always one of my go-to BJJ rash guard brands. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s wrap up without leaving a trace of doubt about anything related to the quest for the best BJJ rash guard: 

How Tight Should a BJJ Rash Guard Be?

A BJJ rash guard should fit snugly, but not be restrictive or too comressive. There is a term used for when you have the perfect fit, we call it – “a loose fit”. This means that there should be some space between the fabric and the body, but be snug around the waist, shoulders, and the length of the arms. 

Another rule of thumb is that you need to be able to get a sweaty, moist rash guard off of you by yourself. If you require assistance, it’s too small. 

How Long Does a Rash Guard Take to Dry?

Rash guards dry extremely quickly, which is why surfers and people at the beach tend to use them so often. That said, a sweaty rashguard from a two-hour long open mat is not the same as a sea-water damp rash guard, so make sure to immediately wash a rash guard after training and enjoy the quick dry properties afterward, having it ready to train again in a matter of minutes. 

What Size Rash Guard Should I Get for BJJ?

Every brand has a dedicated size chart which you should consult very carefully. Usually, if it is your first time getting a rash guard, or you’re experimenting with a new brand, the rule of thumb is to get one size larger than what the measurements from the size chart indicate. 

This is how you get that “loose” but snug fit perfect for Jiu-Jitsu. 

Does the Rash Guard Need to Reflect my Belt?

If you are a competitor, yes. You won’t be able to compete in No-Gi unless you wear a ranked rash guard. For training, you can wear any design that you like, but keep in mind something I’ve learned the hard way: never trust tanked rash guards in training, as people often wear lower-rank rashguards simply because they’re their favorite ones! 

Why is it Called a Rash Guard?

The name comes from the fact that a rash guard protects the skin from rashes, abrasions, and scratches by providing a multi-layer barrier between the skin and the outside environment. Having a rash guard fit tightly helps these properties greatly, as it reduces the friction between the skin and the rash guard itself.

What’s the Difference Between a Rash Guard and a Compression Top?

Rash guards are built using multi-panel structures, to provide moisture-wicking properties and to ensure they last long under the rigors of martial arts training. They provide compression, protection against abrasions, wick moisture, regulate temperature, etc.

Compression shirts are lighter and thinner, made only to provide compression so that they support the muscles during training solo activities, like running or lifting weights. 

Are There Options Specifically For Women?

Yes, there are, we’ve got an entire article dedicated to the best women’s rash guards, so be sure to check that out. The same can be said about Gis. Nowadays, there are plenty of BJJ gis out there made specifically for women.

Can I Wear a Rash Guard Beneath My Gi?

Yes, you can, and a lot of people like to do this, as it helps to prevent friction burns from the gi rubbing against the skin.

Final Thoughts 

The first time you set out to pick the best BJJ rash guard for yourself, you’ll get stuck. First, you’ll be paralyzed by analyzing all the options available online.

Your inquiries won’t be eased by people at the gym sharing their preferences and claiming those are the absolute best ones.

Instead, learn what makes BJJ rash guards great, factor in your desires and requirements, and use our list as a guide to begin your journey in the colorful world of collecting BJJ rash guards.

Beware though, it can quickly turn into yet another BJJ-related addiction of yours!  

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