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7 Best Kids BJJ Gis Reviewed & Compared


Sanabul Future Legends Gi
Sanabul Future Legends Gi


Venum Childrens Kontender Gi
Venum Children’s Contender Gi


Elite Sports Kids BJJ Gi
Elite Sports Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi

Without a doubt enrolling your kids in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is one of the best things you can do for them! 

They get to do a sport, learn self-defense, develop confidence, form social connections, and have lots and lots of fun while doing something all kids enjoy – dressing up in a uniform.

Speaking of BJJ uniforms, once they see other kids all dressed up in Gis and belts they’ll undoubtedly want one of their own.

We got you covered on the subject, with our comprehensive guide to the best kids BJJ Gis.

Here we go! 

Best Kids BJJ Gis

If you think that getting a BJJ Gi for your kid(s) is easy, it tells me two things. 

First, you’ve never trained Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu yourself, and secondly, you’ve never had your little champion standing over your shoulder, trying to influence your choice of a Gi for them as you browse trying to figure out the best possible option. 

There are many factors to consider when picking a Gi for Jiu-Jitsu, but things tend to get even messier when it comes to the youngest participants in the sport. 

The following list will help you make sense of everything and avoid “paralysis by analysis”. 

Elite Sports Kids BJJ Gi

best Kids bjj gi

Elite offers a kids’ Gi available in many different colors, suited for both training and competition. This is, arguably, the best first Gi option for any child starting BJJ. 

The Elite Sports Kids BJJ Gi is made out of a lightweight cotton-polyester blend, which means that it disperses sweat quickly, leaving no time for foul odors to develop. Yeah, it won’t stink up even if your child forgets it in their bag. 

This makes the Gi very comfortable and significantly prolongs its longevity. 

Furthermore, reinforced stitching at key areas, like the seams, also plays a role in terms of durability and the lifespan of this Gi.

I particularly like the fact that this Gi comes pre-shrunk, removing all the washing guesswork out of the equation. 

Let’s face it, you won’t hear the end of it if you shrink your child’s brand-new favorite thing in the world after the first wash. You’d be amazed how many parents ask me for help after choosing a Gi that shrinks beyond repair.

Elite’s Gi is also IBJJF-approved, a feature I advise all parents to consider when picking the best BJJ Gi for kids. It is ideal to have one Gi for both training and competition, especially with kids who are just starting out.

The Gi is machine washable and is available in 6 different sizes and 8 different colors.

There is also a free white belt accompanying the Gi. 


  • Great for training and competition
  • Free white belt
  • Will not shrink even after repeated washing
  • Very durable


  • The pants drawstring comes undone often
  • Kids like to choose from the IBJJF-restricted colors

Sanabul Future Legends BJJ Gi for Children

best kids BJJ gi

Sanabul is a brand I respect a lot in terms of affordable, very high-quality martial arts equipment. Their kids’ products fall in this category as well. 

The Sanabul Future Legends BJJ Gi is a lightweight, 100% cotton Gi made with modern Santec weave performance fabric. It means that the Gi is durable, yet lightweight, guaranteeing breathability and no foul smell retention. Double stitching in the pants and jacket adds to the lifespan of this Gi.

What caught my eye in this particular series is the special fit Sanabul provides. They move away from generic sizing, using a chart of their own, as a result of the performance fit design of the Gi. This makes it a perfect choice for competitors and makes us adults wish they did the same with their other Gis. 

Sanabul also decided to remove the drawstring in the pants, using only a waistband, which proves very popular (and practica) with children.

The Gi is IBJJF-approved and available in 4 different colors and 5 different sizes. 

While this Gi is also machine washable it does come with precise information regarding water temperature and methods of drying.


  • Great for training and competition
  • Breathable and odor-resistant
  • Easy to use for kids
  • Exceedingly durable
  • Special performance fit.


  • Requires following specific washing and drying instructions
  • Non-generic sizes mean you need to carefully check their size charts

Venum Contender Children’s BJJ Gi

Best kids BJJ gi

Venum is one of the most popular brands in martial arts, both in terms of reputation and quality. They have been providing professional grapplers and fighters with premium gear for decades, and offer some of the best Best youth BJJ Gi options online. 

This is one durable and resilient kids’ Gi. The main feature of this kimono is an endurance-orientated design by way of Venum’s 100% cotton pearl weave fabric. The result is a lightweight, very robust Gi that will last very long.

Rounded slits on the jacket are reinforced by powerful stitching, preventing tears even after extended, strenuous use. Reinforcements on the crotch and ankle areas of the pants ensure they can keep up with the longevity of the jacket. 

A clear mark of Venum is the quality of their colors, which are not going to fade even after prolonged use.  

The Gi is perfect for both training and competition as it is IBJJF-approved. It is available in 5 different colors and 5 different sizes for children.   

Venum’s Contender Children’s BJJ Gi does require washing by hand in order to keep it from shirking, which some may find to be a slight nuisance.  


  • Great for training and competition
  • Resistant to wear and tear even after prolonged use
  • Comfortable and breathable


  • Can only be washed by hand
  • Might shrink significantly if washed in a machine
  • On the expensive side

Gold BJJ Kids Jiu Jistu Gi

Best kids BJJ Gi

Gold BJJ is a brand that entered the scene with a few specialized BJJ products, offering quality over quantity. This kids’ Gi is the perfect representative of what they stand for.

Since I personally enjoy the lightest possible weight in Gis, it is understandable that I am a big fan of this one. It is lighter than any other Gi on our list, and extremely comfortable as the result of the Aeroweave ccotton fabric. 

The Gold BJJ Kids Jiu-Jistu Gi also features an original youth cut, aimed at offering optimal performance and accommodating the rapid growth of children. It is not too baggy, and yet, not ultra tight fitting, providing maximum comfort during training. 

Similarly to the Sanabul Gi, the pants only have an elastic waistband, removing the tedious at times, drawstring closure.  

A notable caveat of this Gi is a free white belt in a matching length. 

Gold’s Gi is also IBJJF-approved, available in 2 colors, and 4 different sizes, and suited for washing in a machine without significant shrinkage. 

The people behind this Gi are Jiujiteros themselves and have tested the product through their own children before making it available for the masses, which is a very nice touch, and gives value and trust to the product.


  • Great for training and competition 
  • Free white belt
  • Very comfortable on account of being extremely light
  • Great fit taking growth into account


  • Only 2 colors are available; 
  • Not as robust as other kids’ Gis.

Hayabusa Ascend Lightweight Jiu Jitsu Gi Kids

Best Kids BJJ Gi

A global leader in the realism of martial arts equipment, Hayabusa is an award-winning brand that bases its products on meticulous and in-depth research for peak performance on the mats.    

Their Ascend Lightweight Jiu Jitsu Gi for kids is designed with mobility and range of motion in mind, from light and unrestrictive material (cotton jacket, cotton-polyester pants). The design is specific to the needs of kids, down to the smallest details like patch placement and style. 

The Gi is also one of the toughest in terms of resilience with a competitive standard pearl weave. Reinforced jackets and ripstop pants guarantee durability and endurance at the highest levels of competition. 

A very thoughtful feature is the fact that the Gi is pre-treated so that the color doesn’t fade, which is a big thing for kids. After all, they rate how it looks rather than how it feels a lot higher. 

Hayabusa also provides a free white belt with every Gi, which is always a nice touch.  

This is another IBJJF-approved Gi, easy to take care of by washing in a machine without fear of shrinkage. There are 6 different sizes available and 4 color options. 

In terms of colors, Hayabusa offers a pink-colored version of their Gi, which tends to be the number one choice among girls embarking on the world of grappling, at least in my experience.


  • Great for training and competition
  • Free white belt
  • Ultra strong
  • Provides unrestricted motion and comfort 
  • Very attractive-looking design


  • The pink color is not allowed in competitions
  • Expensive

Tatami Fightwear Kid’s Nova Absolute BJJ Gi

It’s hard to look at the best BJJ Gi for children and not include Tatami Fihgtwear, one of the pioneering and leading brands in the realm. The Nova Absolute series is one the most sought-after kids’ Gis ever, and for good reasons – they last.  

Tatami’s Gi has a uniquely athletic fit aimed at providing maximum comfort in classes and tournaments via the modern cut. The pants are tapered and the jacket is shorter than other Gis, resulting in the perfect competition attire for Jiu-Jitsu kids. 

The material is light, provided by the pearl wave cotton fabric. This Gi features a weave that balances strength and durability, allowing your kids to enjoy wearing this Gi for long periods without any wear and tear.  

In their quest to make the Nova Absolute the ultimate Gi for everyone, Tatami provides a huge size range, more than any other Gi manufacturer out there. In addition to generic sizes, they offer heavy, short, long, and extra-long options to guarantee a comfortable fit. 

There is also the addition of a free white belt to every purchase. 

The Nova Absolute Kids Gi by Tatami is IBJJF-approved, available in three colors, and has a certain draw that seems to have both kids and parents coming back for more. Throughout 8 years of coaching kids’ classes, this is the Gi I’ve seen kids wear more often than any other. 

I have to note, though, that there is significant shrinkage associated with Tatami Gis, so much so, that they have a special chart outlining how much shrinkage you can expect from each of their models.  

In order to minimize shrinkage, only hand washing in cold water is an option for this Gi.


  • Great for training and competition
  • Free white belt
  • A perfect-fitting athletic cut
  • Huge size range ideal for all body types


  • Only three colors are available 
  • Hand wash only

Hawk Kids BJJ Gi

Hawk offers an affordable, quality Gi with exactly what children like – bright colors and a very distinctive design.  

This Gi is ultra-light, which translates to comfort and odor resistance. The often-seen pearl weave fabric is once again at the center of attention, with more focus on design in this particular model. 

Namely, the jacket features a Y-vent design which guarantees a tailored fit for both boys and girls. Moreover, the entire Gi is rich in vibrant colors and patches, making it look very distinctive. 

Hawk went further than others in reinforcing this Gi, with triple stitching present on all major stress points. The end result is a Gi that is still going to be perfect after your child outgrows it, despite the rigors of constant BJJ training.

The ripstop pants have an elastic waistband and a drawstring, so they never slip.  

Hawk’s Gi is IBJJF-approved and currently available in 6 different colors and 7 different sizes.

This Gi comes preshurnk but the recommendations are still hand washing with cold water and mandatory hang drying, which can be a hassle. 

Cold wash only and hang dry instructions.


  • Great for training and competition
  • Free white belt
  • 3-year warranty
  • Eye-catching design


  • Hand wash only

How to Choose a BJJ Gi

Many factors contribute to what is the best BJJ Gi for your child. Picking one for the little champs is actually more complicated than choosing a Gi for yourself. 

The following criteria are essential in picking out the prime options and are the same that we used to compile our best kids BJJ Gi list above. 

I find it important that parents, and if old enough, children are aware of the specific qualities that determine whether or not we deem a Gi to be one of the best or just one of the bunch. 


The weight of the Gi is in direct relation to the weave, which is a term describing the construction of the fabric. 

The best option is to consider hybrid weaves, like the pearl weave or aero weave, which provide great tensile strength of the material with a comfortable, lightweight feel. 

Starting out, focus on lighter-weight Gis for the tiny champs. 


BJJ Gis feature an athletic cut as a standard, mostly due to competition requirements in terms of Gi properties.

A simple rule of thumb I use when helping kids (and their parents, of course) pick out a Gi in my academy is to have the kid squat down while wearing the pants. As long as there is some slack at thigh level, the Gi is going to fit perfectly.  


Size is the most difficult factor to consider when picking out a kid’s BJJ Gi. Children are growing fast, and oftentimes, they outgrow BJJ gis which are durable and long-lasting by design. 

There is a fine balance between getting a size (or two) larger Gi and preventing the Gi from interfering with the training. The squat test I mentioned in the previous section applies to size as well, determining the smallest size that you can get for your child and not have to re-visit this article in a few short months.   

All Gi manufacturers provide specific size charts with detailed measurements that you should carefully consider before buying.  


The comfort of the Gi has to do with how light or heavy it is, and its moisture-wicking and breathability properties. The lighter the Gi is, the more breathable it will be and the less sweat it will accumulate. 


A very important aspect, especially when it comes to kids’ Gis. Durability is also related to the type of weave with heavier set Gis expressing incredible endurance properties. 

Kids, however, tend to become fidgety and uncomfortable wearing heavy-duty Gis. combined with the fact that they will outgrow a Gi in a couple of years at best, sacrificing durability for comfort is my advice. 


Brands tend to be a highly personal choice, but as such are a reason for discourse between parents and children. 

Kids, of course, will go for the most colorful Gi they can choose. Parents will take all other considerations described above into account before the looks of a Gi.  

Luckily, all established brands offer kids Gis in white, blue, and black colors which are the only ones allowed in competition. Parents that is your get-out-of-jail-free card. 

Unless your little warrior princess sees that pink Gi. Then you’re in trouble. 


If you are a parent finding yourself in the situation described above, opting for budget-friendly, yet quality options is the only way forward. 

If your child has their mind set on a color of Gi not suitable for competition, you’ll have to buy an additional one for tournaments. Brands like Sanabl and Elite are perfect in such a case, offering great Gis at very affordable prices. 

Once again, remember that your child will outgrow the Gi quickly, so think ahead in terms of financials.

Popular Brands of Kids BJJ Gis

Plenty of BJJ gi brands have entire collections for kids, and, as mentioned, brand preference is down to personal choice more than anything. 

That said, a couple of brands really do stand out when it comes to BJJ gis for children:


Venum, established in 2005, offers a wide range of quality training gear for combat sports, including everything a kid needs for BJJ. 

Their current collection has 5 different models of kids’ Gis available.  

They are one of the most reputable brands out there for kids and adults alike. Venum children’s Gis are among those I see most often in kids’ classes.

Sanabul logo


Sanabul is a fairly new brand, formed in 2014, but they hit the ground running, especially with kids’ BJJ gis.  

The brand offers a wider range of non-generic sizes than any other, which is particularly useful when it comes to picking out a kid’s Gi. 

They currently offer a couple of different Gi models for kids. Paired with their size range and the fact that they offer cheaper prices on quality products than any other brand, they’re a logical choice for your kids first, or any subsequent Gi. 

Best Kids BJJ Gi – Final Thoughts 

You have to be careful finding that balance between the correctly sized, high quality, affordable, multi-purpose, and, of course, eye-catching best kids BJJ Gi for your child. 

The rule of thumb is to go for comfort rather than durability, prioritize size (factoring in growth) over everything else, and remember to keep the choice of Gi playful because your child certainly will. 

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