fairtex mma gloves review

Fairtex MMA Gloves Review (FGV15)

The Fairex FGV15s are an extremely popular pair of MMA gloves from a reputable brand. 

These have been my go-to gloves for a solid amount of time now, using them multiple times a week over the course of the last year. 

With that in mind, I’ve decided to write up this Fairtex MMA gloves review, where I’ll break down my experience with the gloves, what I like and dislike, and whether or not I recommend them. 

Let’s get to it. 

Fairtex FGV15 Sparring Gloves Overview

Fairtex MMA Gloves review
Comfort 90%
Protection 95%
Value for Money 100%
Quality 80%


The Fairtex FGV15 MMA gloves are a 5oz pair of gloves designed for training and sparring (light sparring). They come in a few different color options (mine are blue and white) and are somewhat on the pricier side of things when compared to some of the other options out there. They’re durable, look good, and most importantly, feel good when on the hand.



Fairtex MMA Gloves Review

Ok, now time for the important part, the review itself. 

Fit & Comfort

My favorite aspect of these gloves is their overall feel. 

Unlike a lot of other gloves I’ve used, the pre-curved design of the Fairtex encourages my hand to make a fist when I’m sparring. This is great for a couple of reasons. 

Firstly, my fingers aren’t sticking out whenever I’m reaching forward, meaning I’m much less likely to poke my sparring partner in the eye. If you’ve ever watched a Jon Jones fight, you’ll see how easy it is to poke your opponent in the eye if your hand is out. These gloves make this virtually impossible as your hand naturally bunches into a fist whilst you have the gloves on. 

Secondly, because your fingers are always curled down towards your palm, your hand is always ready to throw a punch. If you’ve ever landed a punch and your hand wasn’t in a tight fist, you’ll know how much this can hurt. Plus, landing a punch with a flimsy hand is a quick way to pick up an injury.

On the hand, these gloves feel great. The closure system wraps around the wrist a couple of times, providing a nice and secure feel. This is without a doubt one of the best wrist straps on a pair of gloves I’ve used. The gloves do not move or cause any kind of distraction when I’m wearing them. 

A lot of the guys in my gym will re-adjust their gloves in between rounds, something I’ve not had to do very often with the Fairtex’s. 

The only negative I can say about the overall feel of the gloves is that occasionally I get a bit of rubbing on my middle knuckle. To be fair, my hands aren’t in the best shape and I usually have this issue with a lot of gloves I wear. Still, the rubbing is negligible and hasn’t been enough of an issue for me to stop using the gloves in training. 

I feel like I should also mention that the gloves took a little longer than normal to “break in”. They were pretty rigid for the first couple of weeks, however, loosened up after that. I’m sure this is because they’re made with real leather, which takes a bit longer to break in than synthetic ones. 

Fairtex MMA Gloves review


Durability is where the Fairtex MMA gloves really come into their own. So far, this is my longest-lasting pair of gloves, which is extremely impressive given that I’m training multiple times a day wearing them. 

You can tell that they’ve been used, but they have no tears or cracks and have held up incredibly well. This is likely because Fairtex has used high-grade genuine leather, which is far more durable than the PU or “fake” leather that a lot of brands use in cheaper gloves. 

It’s not uncommon for gloves to have cracks in the “leather” after a few months of use, especially if you’re training often. As you can probably see in the photos I’ve taken, this hasn’t happened at all and even the Fairtex logo is looking in pretty good shape. 


When it comes to the look of MMA gear, everyone’s opinion is going to differ. That said, I think that these gloves look great. They’re pretty basic in their design, something that I don’t mind, and aren’t too loud. 

My 16oz boxing gloves are pretty whacky and out there, so it’s nice to have something a little bit more basic. Plus, Fairtex is a very well-known brand and its logo is iconic, so I’m more than happy to have a simpler pair of gloves for sparring. 

Each to their own in terms of what sort of style we like, but for me, I can’t really complain about how these look.

Fairtex MMA Gloves


While I’m no master crafter, I can easily tell that these gloves are made using high-quality materials. They even smell different (or at least they used to) from my other gloves. 

Fairtex, as they put it, uses a “Genuine Top Grain Leather Shell”. I’ve used plenty of synthetic leather gloves in my time, and the difference in quality is pretty clear, especially after a couple of months. 

Genuine leather holds up extremely well. Given the nature of MMA, the gloves are going to take a beating, and by using genuine leather, they’ll be able to withstand this beating a lot better. 

As I mentioned earlier, it’s common for gloves to start cracking or tearing if they’re made using synthetic leather, something that has not been an issue with these Fairtex gloves. Obviously, they’re not going to last forever, but they’ve got a good amount of use left in them before I decide to get a new pair. 

While I’m not entirely sure of the material used in the inner padding of the gloves, whatever it is, it’s very good. The gloves have maintained their shape extremely well, and there are no bumps or uneven parts of the padding. 

Plus, despite being only 5oz, the padding provides a solid amount of cushioning when landing punches. I wouldn’t be using these on a heavy bag, but the padding is definitely impressive given the weight of the gloves. 

fairtex mma gloves review


This is where we’re going to encounter the biggest issue with the Fairtex FGV15s. Given Fairtex’s reputation and history in the sport, their gear is going to come with a higher price tag. 

At the end of the day, the gloves are made with top of line materials and are extremely well made. There’s not much to complain about them, so the price tag in my opinion is justified. That said, if you’re just starting MMA, a cheaper pair of gloves may be better suited. 

On the other hand, if you’re training on a regular basis and need a solid pair of gloves to see you through, an investment like this is going to do you well. 

Considerations to Make When Buying MMA Gloves

Size/ Weight

When buying a pair of MMA gloves, it’s important to consider what you’ll be using them for, as this will directly impact the size or weight you’ll be needing. 

If you’re buying a pair of gloves to compete in, you’ll likely need a 4oz pair of gloves. These are competition gloves, with a very minimal amount of padding. Due to the little amount of protection they offer, you’ll not be wearing these to training, and there’s a good chance that you won’t need these types of gloves at all. 

More likely, you’ll be looking for a pair of gloves to train in. These gloves usually weigh around 7/8oz (like the Fairtex gloves I’m discussing), and provide a good amount of protection and padding. 

This slightly larger style of MMA glove allows you to use them in training and for sparring. For example, I always wear my Fairtex MMA gloves to light sparring and have never had any issues. 

With all that said, if you’re looking for a solid pair of training gloves, you really can’t go wrong with the Fairtex FGV15s. 

How Often You Train

If you’re only training once a week, you probably don’t need to buy an expensive pair of gloves like the Fairtex’s. I usually recommend RDX or a similar brand to people just starting out, as they’re cheap and do the job. 

On the other hand, if you’re training on a regular basis and need some durable gloves that are going to last, then the Fairtex’s are incredible. So far, these are the longest-lasting gloves that I’ve used, and they’ve still got some life in them yet. 


I feel like there’s a new brand of MMA gear popping up each week. I virtually always recommend well-known brands, and there is no better-known brand than Fairtex. 

Although they’re more known in the Muay Thai world, their MMA gloves are top-tier and live up to the high-quality reputation that Fairtex has garnered. 


I should mention here that I picked up these gloves in Phuket, Thailand so I got them a little bit cheaper than you can find them online. That said, they were still pretty expensive, and definitely cost more than most of the other gloves I’ve used in the past. 

Although these gloves could definitely be considered expensive, I still think they offer great value for money. 

With a brand like Fairtex, you’re almost guaranteed to get quality, and I’m personally happy to spend a bit extra in order to know what kind of gear I am going to be getting. Plus, they’ve held up incredibly well, so I am confident in saying that the value for money is definitely there. 

Who is Fairtex?

Fairtex is a well-known, reputable brand of fight equipment. Although more well known for making Muay Thai gear, Fairtex makes an array of gear for a variety of different combat sports, for example, MMA and boxing. 

Although being a Thai brand, a number of big MMA promotions use Fairtex gloves, with the most well-known being ONE Championship and Cage Warriors. If it’s good enough for those guys, then it’s sure as heck good enough for me. 

If you’re not familiar with Fairtex, I’d definitely recommend checking out their gear, as it’s some of the best around and definitely worth the investment. 

Similar Gloves I Recommend 

Whenever I review a piece of gear, I always like to give some alternative options. The gloves could be out of stock, a bit expensive, or just not to your liking. So, even if after this review you’re still not sold on the Fairtex MMA gloves, below are a couple of great alternatives.

Engage Grappling Gloves

Engage is a brand I’ve only recently come across, and have been impressed by their gear. They’re based out of Australia, and have a few big names such as Israel Adesanya and Alexander Volkanovski who back their brand. 

Their grappling gloves are slightly cheaper than the Fairtex FGV15s and weigh slightly more, clocking in at 7oz. I love their toned-down look, and how they put emphasis on the quality of their gear over its aesthetic.

Engage MMA Gloves

Sanabul Sparring Gloves 

Another fantastic option are the Sanabul Sparring Gloves. Sanabul at one point in time was the new kid on the block, however, has since garnered a ton of popularity and the backing of professional fighters such as TJ Dillashaw. 

Their sparring gloves come in a few different color options and again feature a very toned-down design. In terms of price, they’re a bit cheaper than Fairtex’s gloves, making them a pretty great choice for both newcomers and seasoned MMA practitioners. 

Sanabul MMA Gloves

My Verdict

So, do I recommend the Fairtex FGV15 MMA gloves? 

YES! They’re some of the best MMA gloves I’ve ever used and I’ll continue to use them until they fall apart, or get so beat up that I’m embarrassed to wear them. Either way, it’s going to be a while until I get another pair. 

Although a bit expensive, I personally feel that the value for money is there. They look amazing, feel great on the hand, and offer all the protection I need when training. 

I’ve sparred in them, hit pads with them, and done just about everything else other than wash the dishes with them. After all that abuse, they’re still in great condition, as I’m sure you can tell from the pictures. 

To summarise, I really can’t recommend these gloves enough. They’re some of the best gloves I’ve owned and I’m sure you’ll be equally as impressed by their feel and durability.

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